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Fantine ([personal profile] fantine) wrote on May 30th, 2010 at 07:41 pm
paper faces on parade

My Masquerade Theater skirt arrived on Friday, I got dressed up today just so I could wear it <3 I've not loved a print like this in a long time, I really want the JSK in black now too. If you wanna see the whole outfit its on my lookbook :)

I've not been feeling great these past few weeks (due to having had a three week period -_- Nothing to worry about but its still mega uncomfortable and frustrating). But anyway, I cheered myself up by buying this darling My Little Pony. I used to LOVE My Little Pony when I was little (which little girl didn't?!) and for once I actually really like the redesign, she's so cute! She gave me such a trip down memory lane that I wanted to buy a Care Bear too, but they didn't have any :(

Oh and I still don't have any glasses after a full two weeks now, which is just adding to my frustrations. My opticians took my glasses off me to be reglazed last Friday, knowing that they were my only pair and I need them badly, and now they've had them over a week ;_; I'm living in a world of constant migraines. And I've not been able to draw which is frustrating me the most, but I have been practising my digital painting skills so its not all bad. Thankfully I can see digitally by zooming in.

It feels really crazy that its very nearly June already. I say it every year, but this year is passing so quickly!
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