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Fantine ([personal profile] fantine) wrote on August 25th, 2010 at 01:35 am
You've got a friend in me

I was feeling really depressed today so I treated myself to a Woody doll, something I've wanted to own for ions. Not helping my financial situation in the slightest but I really didn't care when it came to this.

It's weird though, I don't feel like he's mine, I feel like I've stolen him from Andy.

He came with a dodgy stand that's too tall for him so his feet dangle above the ground like he's being hanged :/ I'm gonna try and find a better one because it really bothers me. I was also a little irked that he came with a certificate of authenticity to confirm that he's a special edition where every pain was made to ensure that every detail was correct to the film. Every detail except the biggest fucking one: He has nothing written on the bottom of his boots. No Andy. Nothing.

Other than that though he is perfect and I love him already. Maybe I'll rebel and put "Faye" under his boot instead.
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