21 November 2010 @ 11:00 pm
So I just got back from Disneyland! It was awesome, though not as Christmassy as I was expecting. It was freezing cold, I was totally unprepared for that as I expected it to be similar weather as London. It rained all day today and now my feet are completely fucked from walking around in wet shoes and they ache like billy-o. I spent FAR too much money, about £150 extra than I had planned.

I ache, I'm tired, and I'm broke, but I'm also deleriously happy and want to go straight back already. Which hopefully I will once I have a job which will be SOON. Proper trip report will be coming when I'm calmer and have editted and uploaded my hundreds upon hundreds of photos.
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13 October 2010 @ 11:46 pm
A dream is a wish your heart makes  

I'm sooo excited for Disneyland! It feels like ages away though, 5 weeks! I'm glad I didn't bother rushing the trip and going in time for Halloween though as I read someone's trip report and this year was poo compared to previous years. Also I might be meeting up with an old friend who works there, I dunno yet, she messaged me on Twitter about it and I emailed her back but nothings set yet, but it'll be cool if I do, I've not seen her in years. I'm already planning what to wear in Disneyland >< I hate my photos from my previous trips because I look so awful, and I'm determined that this time I'll have photos to be proud of.

My Milky Planet skirt finally arrived! I was super upset when I had to sell my OP at the beginning of September but did so in the knowledge that I had ordered the skirt. I ordered it was back in mid June from Starry Candy Box >< Never ordering from them again, even if it was worth the wait, I could of gotten it cheaper on the sales comm by now. Oh well. I've also bought myself a blonde wig, I miss my blonde hair so much and figured this is the next best thing to actually being blonde.
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