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Fantine ([personal profile] fantine) wrote on November 30th, 2009 at 06:04 pm
A day of firsts
So tomorrow is a day of firsts. First day of advent, first day at my new job, and first day helping out at my local theatre.

I just took a phone call from my new employer and at the moment I'm feeling really confident about my new job, I hope it will be ok and I'll be able to at least hack it until September (providing I get into uni of course). My boss seems really nice over the phone and fairly easy to talk to, but only time will tell. I feel nervous explaining about my hospital appointment next week and asking for time off when I've just started, but we'll see, I'm only training so I hope it won't be an issue.

And tomorrow I may be helping out at the theatre group I signed up for at front of house. I say may because to be honest it depends how I feel after my day at work as to whether I go or not, I'm still recovering from hospital and am tired so so easily at the moment. But hopefully I'll feel up to it and it will be ok, I'm feeling good about it. And I thought doing something little like front of house gives me a chance to try it out and see if I like the people there before i commit myself to anything big there. I'm excited for any new friends I may make though.

I was thinking in January I'm going to go to the library and see if theres any art evening courses I can take to brush up for uni. Something like life classes would be cool, it just depends if anything is available :/

I'm really nervous about my UCAS application. I really don't know what I'm going to do about a reference, I have no previous employers I can ask for the type of reference UCAS require, I cannot and willnot ask my brand new employer for a reference already after I've only just started, so that kinda leaves me with no one. I've emailed my old college to ask if they can help me, and I'm really hoping they can. They've read it, I'm just waiting for a response now. If I don't get one within a week I shall ring up and ask I don't have much time left now and am freaking out.

And also with regards to my UCAS application, I've lost my GCSE certificates so I've no idea what the exam boards were for each exam. I know my grades, just not the awarding bodies. So I've emailed my old school and am hoping they can tell me that, but they've not even read my email yet. So I'm just incredibly stressed out with the whole UCAS thing at the moment. But I have got the 1st draft of the dreaded personal statement done, so thats something.

I got a reply from Junk Food about my picture. They basically said that because it was on Flickr they assumed it was public domain (WRONG, Flickr clearly state otherwise in their terms of use which I was quick to point out) and then they offered me $1000. Which works out at about £600 so I'm happy. And they invited me to send them more of my work I think they might be interested in using and they pay me properly this time, so that could earn me some pocket money. And if not, hey I just got an extra £600 for hardly doing anything.

I've been doing abit of online retail therapy recently to cheer myself up as I've been feeling blue.

I got a couple of books and comics, A Little Priness on DVD (a film I'd not seen in years and completely love) a cool little Tokidoki bag, and these boots:

Now I am the first person to say that I generally don't like Uggs, especially the way alot of people wear them. But I do like the wooly ones, and when I saw them in this colour I completely fell in love ♥ I really can't wait for them to arrive. And I can't quite believe I spent £100 on a pair of boots, but I already know they'll be worth every penny.

Oh and I sent my Christmas cards out today so hopefully they'll be with you soonish (and be careful when you open them) :)
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