fantine: (dlp ♔ le château de la belle)
Fantine ([personal profile] fantine) wrote on November 21st, 2010 at 11:00 pm
So I just got back from Disneyland! It was awesome, though not as Christmassy as I was expecting. It was freezing cold, I was totally unprepared for that as I expected it to be similar weather as London. It rained all day today and now my feet are completely fucked from walking around in wet shoes and they ache like billy-o. I spent FAR too much money, about £150 extra than I had planned.

I ache, I'm tired, and I'm broke, but I'm also deleriously happy and want to go straight back already. Which hopefully I will once I have a job which will be SOON. Proper trip report will be coming when I'm calmer and have editted and uploaded my hundreds upon hundreds of photos.
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