16 October 2010 @ 11:30 pm
Today was a good day. I hadn't planned to do much, just exchange some faulty shoes at Topshop then pop on down to an art shop I've heard rave reviews about (which wasn't that good tbh).

But my day was made all the more awesome by a wonderful little candy store I found on my wanders that sold foreign sweets:

IMG_0671 copy

Hello Pandas I buy when ever I see them if I have the money as I'm addicted. The tin of Japanese sweets (which I've photographed upside down ><) is a replica from Grave of the Fireflies. And the rest are all American candys that I've heard so much about and now I finally get to sample for myself! I'm especially excited for the taffy, I've never had a clue what taffy is other than something chewy. The Twinkie looks absolutely disgusting to me, but I'm going to eat it regardless. I had Peanut Butter M&Ms when I visited Florida and I loved them! They were the only American sweet I tried at the time so I'm looking forward to eating them again. And you guys have SKITTLES! I didn't know this, I arrogantly thought they were just a British thing, but you guys get them in better flavours apparently. This shop also sold Lucky Charms cereal for a whole £1 cheaper than Selfridges, but my money didn't stretch that far unfortunately (they were £6.50 a box). And Nerds I've not had since I was a little kid, I don't think we can get them in the UK anymore (nor Dweebs, do you guys still have them abroad?)

Ah, the excitement!
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