16 February 2011 @ 07:36 pm
I'm SO excited for the summer!  

I was browsing the shops the other day and I think I have my summer essentials picked out:

I've always worn dark frames so these make a refreshing change, and they're the cat eye shape that I like.

I love this hat so much, it's bigger than it looks here and it has a big floppy brim <3 I tried it on and thought I looked cute ^^;;

I've really been into lavendar lately, and I think these are a nice subtle lavendar that will go with most outfits. They're made from the softest leather I think I've ever felt and I love the vintage feel of them.

I also really love Angelic Pretty's newest print, French Cafe. I totally hated it when I first saw it, but it's been growing on me more and more until I must own it! I love how cute and whimsical the print is, and I think it's really versatile and can be used as a regular summer dress too, which is better as it means I'll get more wear out of it. Thankfully it doesn't seem to be a very popular dress, so as I'm skint I'm gonna wait and hopefully snag it cheap from the comm sales or auctions.

My new dream dress ♥

I've also been doing a good amount of thinking, and I'm going to quit uni and move back home once I can. I have plans though: I'm going to do my best for a "regular" job to get some money behind me, and then train to do something so I've always got a career to fall back on. At the moment I'm thinking a hairdresser or a beautician or nail technician or something. That way I can still try aiming for the Disney thing, but I'll have a back up plan (which uni was supposed to have been if it had worked out). But I'm still going to go to Disneyland whenever I feel like and pop down to London for the day to go to loli meets and such. I'm so happy to have my head sorted out, it was driving me mad and I'm now looking forward to the immediate future instead of dreading and fearing it <3
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30 June 2010 @ 04:41 am
Ugh it's too damn hot! There's just no air! I'm sitting indoors with the fan on me to try and keep cool, I feel so sluggish when the weather is like this. And I'm already sunburnt and had sunstroke so I daren't be outside for long anymore x_x Over the weekend I stupidly managed to fall asleep outside for a few hours, not recommended!

I went on a bit of a splurge recently, I like to think of it as my birthday presents to myself as my birthday is only next week! I bought Innocent World's Pompador JSK, Misty Morning red Tartan JSK from Qutieland (I just love red tartan!), and Moitie's Holy Queen JSK. And I'm still waiting for my BTSSB Wizard of Oz JSK to arrive (which I'm totally gonna wear when I go see Wicked!). I'm so excited I can barely contain myself! It's lovely to currently have the money to spare too.

I've decided I'm going to change my hair colour soon. I adore being blonde and I really love the colour I am now, but it's no longer practical for a number of reasons. Firstly, the obvious one, its expensive to maintain as I have to get it done at a salon and as I'm going to be a student very soon its just not something I'll be able to keep up for long. And secondly, my hair is absolutely fried from two years of constant bleaching. I used to have super healthy hair, now its like straw its so dry and damaged. I'm going to remain blonde for a few more weeks I think, then I'm going to dye it a chocolate brown, I've already bought the dye. It'll be much cheaper doing it myself and going dark again will hopefully nourish it abit.

There's a reservoir just 15 mins walk from where I live, and I really love going up there to just listen to the water and clear my head, its really peaceful and if I close my eyes I can pretend I'm by the sea as the waves sound like the ocean, the water smells slightly salty and there are seagulls flying around there. I was up there today just to cool off in the breeze and felt totally at peace and decided that I'd love love love to live near the sea. I could picture it all in my head, living in a nice little sea side town that isn't terribly touristy and is quite quiet but has good travel connection routes, living in a nice little house by the sea front with a bloke and two dogs :) I actually think that that would be my idea of heaven.
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